Our Team

Meet Our Team

Griff Malleck
Griff Malleck


Griff is the heart of Red Willow Chemical! We wouldn’t be here without him. He has over 40 years of experience in the chemical and aerial sections.

FUN FACT: Griff’s favorite place to eat in town is Taste of Texas!

Cleo Spencer
Cleo Spencer


Cleo is our new owner. He is in charge of making sure our operations run smoothly. He helps out in every department where needed and makes our business decisions!

FUN FACT: Cleo is actually a Sour Patch Kid!

Tammy Stewart
Tammy Stewart

Finance Manager & Human Resources Coordinator

Tammy heads up our financial department and also serves as our human resources person. She takes care of our finances and our employees!

FUN FACT: Tammy loves dogs! She has two dogs – Stewart and Buddy.

Marcus Gonzales
Marcus Gonzales

PURCHASING/Wholesale Manager

Marcus ensures we have the products we need to assist our growers in increasing crop yields and creating sucessful farm operations. 

FUN FACT: Marcus likes to play basketball and watch Marvel movies in his free time.

Dave Lytle
Dave Lytle

Sales Specialist

Dave is one of our salesmen. He also helps out where needed in the warehouse and does some deliveries for us!

FUN FACT: Dave enjoys building cars with his son in his free time.

Ashley Winder
Ashley Winder

Marketing Director

Ashley takes care of all of our marketing and advertising needs. She also helps in the office and puts in the spray jobs.

FUN FACT: Ashley hates winter and wishes she lived in Key West!

Whitney Rothwell
Whitney Rothwell

Director of Maintenance/I.A.

FUN FACT: Whitney enjoys spending his free time on the family ranch with his wife, 3 daughters, and 2 dogs! He is also an avid golfer and fisherman.

Pablo Marquez
Pablo Marquez

Warehouse Assistant

Pablo takes care of our warehouse and helps keep everything organized and clean.

FUN FACT: Pablo likes to play tennis and watch alien documentaries in his free time.

Riley Schullanberger
Riley Shullanberger


Riley flys our spray planes to apply chemicals that help get rid of pests and disease and ensure better crop production. He also has a nearly perfect spray record at just 21! 

Jim is one of our sales guys. He can be seen out visiting growers and helping in the office as needed!

FUN FACT: Jim’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his two grandkids!

Korbin Moore photo
Korbin Moore

Sales Specialist/Crop Advisor

Korbin helps growers by observing crops and creating chemical plans that lead to succcessful farm operations. 

FUN FACT: He likes to ride motorcycles in his free time.

Trent Bruntz

warehouse/Inventory Specialist

Trent assists with daily warehouse tasks and keeps track of inventory to provide accurate counts for the sales team. 

FUN FACT: He likes to play games in his free time. 

Montana Wilcox photo
Montana Wilcox

Warehouse Manager

Montana manages the day-to-day operations of our warehouse and ensures we are prepared for the specific needs of each season. 

FUN FACT: He likes to build things and play catch with his son in his free time. 

Kurt Carter photo
Kurt Carter

Area Sales MAnager

Kurt is managing our expansion and providing his expertise to improve operations in the northwest area of Nebraska. 

FUN FACT: He likes to spend time with his 8 grandkids and cheer for the Huskers in his free time! 

David Owen

Chief Pilot

David is one of the guys flying our spray planes applying chemicals to crops to assist with eliminating pests and weeds. 


John Paul Kain

Sales Specialist/Crop Advisor