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At Red Willow Chemical we offer both generic and brand name chemical and fertilizer in bulk options. We also offer free delivery and aerial application services. Our experienced staff is here to help tailor a plan to fit the needs of each and every one of our customers.

Our staff has experience in various aspects including chemical, fertilizer, aviation, and more. Whatever your needs are, we have someone to help. We are always available to answer any questions you may have. We are able to customize options to fit a variety of needs and budgets and make your operation a successful one.

We pride ourselves on being devoted to our customers and our community. Our customers are the reason we continue to operate and every decision is made with them as our top priority. We are also active in our community both as a company and individuals.

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We offer generic and brand name chemicals and fertilizer in bulk, as well as our own line of adjuvants at competitive prices. Our sales and agronomy experts have over 50 years of experience and are ready to help you plan for the future of your fields. We strive to provide programs that fit each producer’s individual chemical needs. Our team can identify issues affecting various crops and provide custom solutions. With our vast knowledge of chemicals and agronomy we can customize a plan that is right for you!

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Dave Lytle
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We offer premier application services for Red Willow County and surrounding areas. Our team has over 70 years of agricultural aerial application.

Our new Thrush 510P is the newest plane to our lineup. It was designed to perform well in hot and high conditions which means better spraying activity for us. The fuel capacity is double our previous planes at 286 gallons and we can fly about 770 miles on one tank. This allows us to fly further and make less trips to refuel or refill chemicals, meaning your fields get done sooner and more efficiently.

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Agronomy Services


Our agronomy staff strives to provide programs that fit each producer’s chemical needs. We have 50+ years of experience and can identify issues affecting various crops as well as provide custom solutions for those issues. With our vast knowledge of generic and brand name chemicals, we can customize a plan that is right for you!

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